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Hii..dear my friend, in this chance i try to share to you about air compressor including function, principle of work and how we choose a compressor like what we need. Ok…shortly…maybe we often hear about the air compressor..or if we going some factory of course there almost have the think that we called it with Air Compressor.

there are two types of Air Compressor Reciprocating Compressor (piston) and screw compressor, two of them have an advantage and disadvantage.

Advantage of Piston compressor more cheaper than screw compressor, low voltage.

Disadvantage of piston compressor it can be operating not more than 8 hours, Maintenance  cost more expensive, Air flow is small than screw compressor.

Advantage of Screw compressor .Kompresor screw can be operated 24 hours nonstop, air flow more bigger than piston compressor, uses at large scale industrial

Disdvantage of Screw compressor Power consumption more higher, the prices more expensive.

Now…what’s the meaning of air compressor?? Air compressor is a machine or equipment that creates the pressurized air where through by pipeline.


Pict 1. Schematic air compressor

Pict 1. Flow diagram air compressor

and the second question is, how it can be ??? Ok….this’s explanation about the picture above. we look if the air compressor of that’s type is a screw compressor, this type using 2 kind rotating screw in space that’s called by Air End (3). Rotating of this screw will causes a suction at Intake Valve (2) and will generate a pressurized air at the outlet discharge line (6). this Pressurized air entered in the separation tank (16), where this tank have serves to separate oil and air, let the air pressure does not contain of oil. If we see in the image above the principle of working separator is very simple, at the central of tube there have a foam separator, so this foam will skip the oil particles, and drop it into the bottom tube (Blue Color). The clean air (free from oil particles) has a high range temperature 80-90 0C, so it should be passed through the coolant / water Coller (9), and air  entered the external system Discharge line (10).

So.. how to choose the air compressor ?? to choose the air compressor we can’t just pick and buy without data, because there are many important think that we need to know before decide to buy air compressor, here it’s :

1. Air pressure, how the pressure that we need to operating the equipment
2. Air flow, list all about needed your pneumatic equipment
3. Adjusting to the budget you have budget may include initial fees, maintenance and other
4. Adjust with the type of compressor you need such as portable compressors
5. Pay attention to the source of energy, use a gasoline or electricity.

OK friends….perhaps this is all that I can share to you , hopefully this’s  useful time I will discuss about the other mechanical knowledge and other interesting think …bye….

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